generic female Viagra effectivenessDifficulties in sexual relations are quite a common issue among women of all ages. To have sex and to enjoy sex are different things. Of course, due to physiological peculiarities, women can make love even when they don’t feel any sexual arousal. However, the process itself may cause discomfort and sometimes even pain. In addition, low sensitivity of the female sex organs results in difficulties with reaching orgasm or its complete absence. Gradually, women start losing interest in sex and their libido goes down.

Unlike male sexual dysfunction, female intimate problems couldn’t have been solved with the help of one pill. However, the growing need for such a medication triggered various experiments with Sildenafil Citrate (an active ingredient of Viagra tablets), which grew into Female Viagra pills.

The drug works by enhancing the flow of blood to the female sex organs thus making them more sensitive to stimulation. Besides, the remedy affects the secretion of vaginal lubricant, which excludes any discomfort during the intercourse. Improvement of the quality of sex may gradually restore the female libido and get it back to the norm.

Lady era is a generic name of the female Viagra. It contains 100mg of Sildenafil Citrate the same as its brand version. Despite some differences in the design of the packs, generic female Viagra effectiveness is as high as of the brand pills.

In general, moderate alcohol consumption may be safe for patients administering Lady era. Nevertheless, people who have certain health issues have a higher probability of developing various adverse effects, especially those connected with the blood pressure.

It happens because low amounts of alcohol in the blood may widen the blood vessels and thus intensify the action of the remedy. As a result, a woman may feel dizziness, faintness, lack of energy or a headache.

Female Viagra contraindications On the contrary, an excess of alcohol narrows the blood vessels, which interferes with the action of the drug. The best scenario, in this case, is that you may notice no effect of the female Viagra. However, Lady era and alcohol intoxication may trigger some adverse reactions connected with the heart and become the cause of a heart attack.

To make sure that any small amounts of spirits are safe for you, consult with a doctor. Only a specialist may determine your safe dose of alcohol relying on your health condition and tolerance to alcoholic drinks.

Who is in the group of risk?

Female Viagra contraindications should be learned prior to starting the therapy. The knowledge will let you understand all the dangers of taking the drug and especially the problems you may face when drinking alcohol together with generic Viagra pills. Remember that women who have some contraindications to the remedy are more inclined to experience adverse effects.

To the major contraindications to the drug belong:

  • Hypertension or hypotension;
  • Heart disease;
  • Heart attack, a stroke or a heart surgery within the last half a year;
  • Tumors of the female sex organs;
  • Uterine bleedings;
  • Severe liver or kidney problems.

In case you feel unwell after taking generic Viagra tablet before, together with or shortly after drinking alcohol, seek medical help.