Sildenafil for WomenWhile sexual dysfunctions are traditionally more typical of men, a considerable number of women is suffering from the disorder. Ultimately stressful routine, hard work, relationship problems and many other issues contribute to the reduction of sex drive and desire in women. Almost half of the female population experience the symptoms of low libido, eliminated sexual desire and related complications during active sexual life. Considering possible causes, they may be various, starting from psychological and emotional impairments, up to physical disorders. Most commonly, sexual dysfunctions in women are triggered by decreased self-esteem, poor confidence, stress, emotional worries and other factors. At the same time, the main problem is an inability to experience a satisfying intercourse with a quality orgasm.

Lady Era is the name of the product, which can manage related complications and balance the sex life of a woman. The powerful components of the medication work similar to male erectile dysfunction drugs, stimulating a better blood flow to the penile area. The treatment is characterized by Sildenafil Citrate as an active ingredient, which influences the key processes in the organism, which launch enhanced sexual functioning of the female body. Generally, the treatment promotes several improvements, including:

  • Improved libido;
  • Boosted sexual desire;
  • Less painful intercourse;
  • Higher sensitivity of erogenous zones;
  • Reduces symptoms of frigidity, etc.

How Female Viagra Works

Lady EraGeneric female Viagra – Lady Era is a quality medication used for improvement and management of sexual disorders. Sildenafil Citrate is the active ingredient of the drug, which is known for its ability to improve erectile functioning in men. Nevertheless, apart from its main function, Sildenafil can promote beneficial influence on the female organism, too. The supplementary components of female Viagra decrease the time span required for achievement of sexual excitement. While the composition of female Viagra is a bit changed, the mechanism of its action remains the same. The powerful components of the medicine trigger the release of the nitric oxide and stimulate the enhancement of arterial vessels that leads to relaxation and dilation of the smooth muscles of the vessel walls. The main result of this dilation is an advanced blood flow to the internal and external female genitals. With a single intake of Sildenafil 100 mg, your sexual intercourse will become more sensitive and you will get more rapidly excited. Once the woman reaches a high excitement level, natural lubricant is discharged, so the level of sensitivity in all erogenous zones also advances.

Additionally, Sildenafil contributes to the elasticity of vaginal walls, preventing painful and unpleasant sensations during sex. On average, female Viagra is the exact medication, which helps a woman to relax physically and psychologically, staying confident in her sexual power and ability. The consequence is obvious – satisfactory sex, maximal pleasure and quality orgasm.

Lady Era Effects

Sildenafil 100 mgThis quality and potential sex enhancer is ultimately important for women, as it provides them with an opportunity to enjoy the desirable sexual pleasure and he maximal satisfaction level. The important fact that should be taken into account is availability of female Viagra online. Ordering the medication on the Internet, you should take care of safety in order to achieve the desired advantages and avoid unwanted complications.

As for the effects you can expect from Viagra for women, they are numerous and can depend on a woman and personal specifications of her health state. Most commonly, they include:

  • Better sensitivity of the erogenous zones;
  • Improved sexual drive, desire and libido;
  • Increased opportunity to experience multiple orgasms;
  • Enhanced production of natural lubricant;
  • Decreased stress and anxiety;
  • Prevented frigidity symptoms;
  • Absent painful sensations during the sex.

No doubts that ordering female Sildenafil for sale online is a beneficial issue that helps you both achieve the desired effects and save money, but you need to consider the possible risks of the drug misuse. Contact your medical specialist the moment you have noticed any disorders, allergic reactions or other complications triggered by female Viagra use.